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What I Thought Of… Rimmel London Wake Me Up foundation

In my never-ending quest to find a foundation that transforms my skin from drab to fab, I thought I’d give the drug-store brands a try. If it’s good enough for Kate Moss…

Packaging: Well it’s no Chanel or YSL but then the proof is never necessarily in the packaging. The curved glass bottle is fairly ergonomically pleasing and the tangerine orange lid certainly made it easier to find again whenever it had been cast to the depths of my handbag. Definitely deducting points though for having a suction pump prone to breaking and no mechanism to push all the product to the top of the bottle (what IS that called??).

Quality: The whole idea of the foundation is that it seeks to make you look as though you’ve had 12 hours sleep in a fluffy, feather-lined cloud whilst harpists strum softly in the background (I presume). Whilst I wouldn’t go that far in terms of performance, it certainly perked up my tired, essay-ravaged skin and helped me look the right side of ‘almost awake’. It’s smooth and doesn’t settle in any pores or indentations you may have but I was fairly disappointed with just how its ‘wake me up’ technology works. Like many of the cheaper brands, it incorporates, dare I say it, glitter in to the mix. Now from a distance this does make you look glowing but close up… well, I felt a little too sparkly for my liking.

Longevity: So-so. I found that after a few hours it had started to wear off my cheeks (where I need it most) and it doesn’t mix well with oilier skin types. To be fair, all it needed was a little touch up and I was good to go again but I have used other foundations with better staying power.

Price: Extremely bank -balance friendly… thank goodness! Usually retails at £8.99 for a 30ml bottle but Boots actually have an offer online at the minute, meaning it’s now £5.99. Snap it up if you want a cheap and cheerful alternative to the higher-end products but don’t expect miracles.


Am I being a meanie/brand snob? Probably. Let me know in the comments below!


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A week on Instagram 001

This first post is technically a lie as the photos below are from the last 4 weeks. I haven’t instagrammed that much, but I plan to here on in (brownie promise).

1. We made Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Olive Oil Cake 2. Working my love of cats into my uni work 3. New fluffy H&M jumper 4. Bunny jumper from Camden market 5. Cosy nights 6. Home-made tie-dye fun 7. Showing off my River Island ‘sack dress’ before attending a lecture hosted by Alan Rusbridger


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What I Thought Of… Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation

Welcome to my new little feature! Essentially this is all about beauty so if you’re looking for a quick review of a whole plethora of products, you can find it here. Let’s crack on shall we?

Packaging: Spot on. So pleased more foundations are utilising the special pump thingy that means all the product is sort of scraped upwards and nothing is wasted (ever so eloquent there, Lesley). It’s sleek, simple and aesthetically pleasing. I love  clean, neat, fuss-free packing. *OCD alert*

Quality: I was very pleased with it actually. It really freshened up my skin and made it look pleasantly dewy without being overly oily. Coverage is medium to full, I’d say. Was particularly good at hiding the pigmentation I have around my nose and on my cheeks. Consistency was perhaps a little too runny; it did result in me pumping too much product out on occasion and it having to  be wiped away. I hate wastage 😦

Longevity: Fantastic. Survived long, full days at uni and would only need to be touched up if I was going out after a particularly gruelling shift at work. Seems to have pretty brilliant staying power.

Price: We all know Benefit is a little pricey and at £24.50, it might be worth getting a free sample before you commit to buying. I still would highly recommend though and I will be repurchasing once I’ve been paid. (Friday 26th could not come sooner!)


So what do you guys think?  Have you used this foundation before or are you considering it? Let me know in the comments below!

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Vintage garb

Ahhh, ‘vintage’. For wine connoisseurs, the phrase probably conjures up images of dusty wine bottles in an aging cellar; a bottle of “Chateau de poop” sat on a rustic looking table longing to be accompanied by a chunk of crusty baguette.  For car enthusiasts, we’re talking more 1950’s motorcar in British racing green, with little windscreen wipers and faded leather interiors.

But for a fashion lover, what does the term ‘vintage’ really say? Well for starters I think it’s a concept that’s bandied about a tad too easily. It holds this kind of prestige and so people are just DYING to tell you that the polka-dot skirt they picked up from Help The Aged for 50p is in fact ‘ a little vintage number’. What they really meant was “it was cheap and had been worn before, I’m not going to tell you it’s last year’s Primark, I’m going to have you believe I dug it out of some little treasure trove in a trendy back alley in Brixton”. Do I sound ranty? I don’t mean to be. I just mean you KNOW when you’ve found real vintage. And I think that’s something to be cherished.

Equally, I’m not saying that charity-shopping is any less worthy of attention or said ‘prestige’, flippin’ heck some of the best stuff I’ve bought has cost me less than a McDonald’s and been from Oxfam. I’m just saying, you know, vintage items feel kind of special, don’t they? Like you’re holding onto a little bit of a forgotten era.

Enough of the Disney crap, time for a bath.


What are your thoughts on vintage clothing, do you rate it over charity shop finds?


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Monday Bargain-Fest: Clemence Poesy


Late with my first feature of 2011. Shocking I know. Clearly was doing VERY important things *cough* Tool Academy *cough*

PROMISE it won’t happen again, my follower count went down from 2 to 1 and everything… 😦

Let’s crack on.  My first lovely lady is Clemence Poesy. Some may recognise her as the cherub-faced French beauty, Fleur Delacour, in the Harry Potter films; others will probably feel a twinge of recognition when watching Chloe’s self titled perfume ad from 2008. Yes, SHE’s the goddess swishing her blonde locks around with indie-film-princess, Chloe Sevigny and a similarly gorgeous model whose name escapes me.

Here’s my attempt at trying to re-create that effortless Parisian style without the Chanel price tag:

Ladies Oversize Chiffon Blouse
16 GBP – peacocks.co.uk
Chiffon tops »

Ladies Pleated Skirt
18 GBP – peacocks.co.uk
Skirts »

Scrunch Ballerina – Priceless Shoes
8 GBP – pricelessshoes.co.uk

Very proud of this outfit… so much so that I may have to save up for this little number 😉 Props (brrrap) goes out to George at Asda for such a fantastic bag at a minuscule price!

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