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Style Swaps 001

Style Swaps 001
Pinterest image found at vogueandcoffee.tumblr.com
Tshirt: Cos; Cuff: Cheap Monday; Trousers: ASOS; Shoes: ASOS; Clutch: Whistles
Wilkommen! (Is that how you spell it… hmm… debatable) I love to be inspired outfit-wise by others. I’m a lazy bones when it comes to creating my own sassy yet stylish outfits so I tend to take inspiration (read: steal) other people’s ideas. This is what Style Swaps will be about. I used to be inspired by celebs but more and more I’m finding Pinterest to be a  great source of style-tastic greatness so expect a lot of my outfits to come from there. Enjoy!
This week I have been loving the chic all-in-white look. Now, as previously mentioned, were I ACTUALLY to wear this, it wouldn’t stay white for long… But in my head I waft elegantly to and from important meetings in the manner of a babe’in ice queen. Perhaps a la Frozen.

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I Want That 001

I Want That 001

Liberty Print Blazers: Nike; Kimono: Topshop; Silk Skirt: COS; Kate Moss for Topshop Dress: Topshop; Sandals: Birkenstock


Welcome to my first ever I Want That post… As of next week it will be on a Monday but I didn’t want you to miss out this week. Essentially it’ll be a place where I can share what’s been languishing in my online shopping baskets for the past week, whispering that I buy it…

When the Liberty Print Nikes came out last year, I pined and pined for them. I did not think so much yearning could exist for a shoe but hey, whaddayaknow? This year’s offerings are not QUITE as spectacular but these fairly low-key ones would snuggle up quite nicely with my already-quite-large trainer collection.

 The kimono trend is something I attempt to dip in to every summer and usually end up failing at… I’ve never found one that’s the perfect length for my short torso and dinky legs (I’m being kind to my body here). This Topshop beauty from the petite range comes pretty close though and makes me want to wear it whilst lounging by the pool, sipping on pina coladas.

 Kate Moss’ much anticipated Topshop collection hasn’t disappointed once again. Can Mossy do no wrong?! This dress was without a doubt my fav. It’s perfect for lazy picnics in the sunshine. (As a side note, I think if I actually attempted any picnics in it, there’d be Fanta stains and Hobnob crumbs down it within seconds but  let’s keep up the pretence, shall we?)

 I love Cos for the simple fact that they do ‘hiding a jelly belly’ style to perfection. Just eaten a full Nandos platter to yourself? No problem. Couldn’t decide between cake or ice cream so had both? That’s ok! Their forgiving silhouettes mean I’m always drawn to them and, as an avid Nandos/cake/ice cream lover, this silk skater skirt has all my summer-time munching needs covered.

 The leopard-print Birkies are probably the epitome of ugly-shoe-wearing that’s sweeping the fash world right now. I do not care. I do not care so much that I’ve actually already purchased these and am eagerly awaiting their  arrival. Join the ugly-shoe revolution with me! (Or not… I hear gladiators are back this summer)

 What have you been lusting after this week?


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A week on Instagram 001

This first post is technically a lie as the photos below are from the last 4 weeks. I haven’t instagrammed that much, but I plan to here on in (brownie promise).

1. We made Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Olive Oil Cake 2. Working my love of cats into my uni work 3. New fluffy H&M jumper 4. Bunny jumper from Camden market 5. Cosy nights 6. Home-made tie-dye fun 7. Showing off my River Island ‘sack dress’ before attending a lecture hosted by Alan Rusbridger


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Monday Bargain-Fest: Ashley Olsen!

Yeah, yeah it’s Tuesday… hush up!

(FYI: Ashley is on the right… but you totally knew that)

Oh, Miss Ashley. Mary-Kate may be the more “popular” twin, but I will forever love you for your timeless elegance, button nose and IRRESISTIBLE style. Right, enough of the love lament, on with the clothes!




Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen by xljx ❤ featuring shoes

Fab Concealed Platform Shoe – Priceless Shoes
15 GBP – pricelessshoes.co.uk
Shoes »

Et voila! I know the trousers aren’t strictly the right colour but Herringbone-wise it’s all there. Also, I searched high and low for an acid orange clutch to no avail, if anyone finds one let me know! I’m not a MASSIVE fan of the cross pendant I found but all the suitable gold options available were extremely expensive (again, let me know if you find an affordable one).

Anyways, here’s a look Miss Ashley herself would be proud of, hope you liked!




(grr can’t seem to change this font when I insert from polyvore… any techies fancy helping?)


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Monday Bargain-Fest: Clemence Poesy


Late with my first feature of 2011. Shocking I know. Clearly was doing VERY important things *cough* Tool Academy *cough*

PROMISE it won’t happen again, my follower count went down from 2 to 1 and everything… 😦

Let’s crack on.  My first lovely lady is Clemence Poesy. Some may recognise her as the cherub-faced French beauty, Fleur Delacour, in the Harry Potter films; others will probably feel a twinge of recognition when watching Chloe’s self titled perfume ad from 2008. Yes, SHE’s the goddess swishing her blonde locks around with indie-film-princess, Chloe Sevigny and a similarly gorgeous model whose name escapes me.

Here’s my attempt at trying to re-create that effortless Parisian style without the Chanel price tag:

Ladies Oversize Chiffon Blouse
16 GBP – peacocks.co.uk
Chiffon tops »

Ladies Pleated Skirt
18 GBP – peacocks.co.uk
Skirts »

Scrunch Ballerina – Priceless Shoes
8 GBP – pricelessshoes.co.uk

Very proud of this outfit… so much so that I may have to save up for this little number 😉 Props (brrrap) goes out to George at Asda for such a fantastic bag at a minuscule price!

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Ashley Olsen

My ultimate fashion/style/beauty inspiration…


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Letter to e-Bay

Right, I need to vent. Ima vent. VENT VENT VENT.


Dear e-Bay,

We have a love/hate relationship, you and I. Some days I will scour you like a treasure trove, finding such beauteous items as a vintage 50’s polka-dot skirt for 99p (not worn it yet… but I WILL). Other days, you’re no better than Primark on a hot saturday afternoon when their air conditioning is as terribly crap as their attempts at “budget fashion” (don’t get me started on Primark). So anyway, yes, you could say you’re a bit of a schizophrenic Marmite to me.

But the thing is, e-Bay, I’m good to you. I pay you attention; visit you lots; make sure the pay-pal account is always topped up. I mean, Jesus e-Bay, I don’t think there’s another girl out there that has such pristine feed-back. So why then, e-Bay, did you treat me like crap?? Ey?? I feel used and hurt after the 3 good years we’ve had together.

I uploaded a shirt onto you. A dark floral shirt to be precise. It reminded me of the Alexa Chung “hot granny-style”. Note the word STYLE, e-Bay. Not once did I say Alexa Chung HAD worn one, or even one similar. Just that it was reminiscent of her STYLE. And this morning, I wake up to an e-mail from you. A long and laborious read, I can tell you (much like this post). The gist of it was that I had “misused a brand name” in an attempt to garner more views!!! You ignorant fool e-Bay! I never did that! And for you to accuse me of being a view-whore is, well, heartbreaking. I think this might be the end, e-Bay. Maybe we can work it out in the future…perhaps.

Yours Sincerely,

p.s. just… you know… on the off-chance that anyone is actually reading this, go and have a look at the existing stuff I have on there. It hurts but… I must sell my babies. http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/xljx-2008

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