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Vintage garb

Ahhh, ‘vintage’. For wine connoisseurs, the phrase probably conjures up images of dusty wine bottles in an aging cellar; a bottle of “Chateau de poop” sat on a rustic looking table longing to be accompanied by a chunk of crusty baguette.  For car enthusiasts, we’re talking more 1950’s motorcar in British racing green, with little windscreen wipers and faded leather interiors.

But for a fashion lover, what does the term ‘vintage’ really say? Well for starters I think it’s a concept that’s bandied about a tad too easily. It holds this kind of prestige and so people are just DYING to tell you that the polka-dot skirt they picked up from Help The Aged for 50p is in fact ‘ a little vintage number’. What they really meant was “it was cheap and had been worn before, I’m not going to tell you it’s last year’s Primark, I’m going to have you believe I dug it out of some little treasure trove in a trendy back alley in Brixton”. Do I sound ranty? I don’t mean to be. I just mean you KNOW when you’ve found real vintage. And I think that’s something to be cherished.

Equally, I’m not saying that charity-shopping is any less worthy of attention or said ‘prestige’, flippin’ heck some of the best stuff I’ve bought has cost me less than a McDonald’s and been from Oxfam. I’m just saying, you know, vintage items feel kind of special, don’t they? Like you’re holding onto a little bit of a forgotten era.

Enough of the Disney crap, time for a bath.


What are your thoughts on vintage clothing, do you rate it over charity shop finds?



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How do I love thee, Zara? Let me count the ways…

In the words of a Valley Girl..”Oh. My. Gawwwd!!”

Zara is online. Zara is online. ZARA IS ONLINE!!!

I’m a touch excited.

For the past few years, Zara have begun to climb my radar of high-street shops that are actually decent. There was always Topshop, but Topshop and I have a weird relationship in that I feel sometimes, it tries a bit TOO hard to be “edgy”; it forgets the value of quality, stylish basics. With Zara, it’s all about decent tailoring and WEARABLE pieces with a few “out there” designs thrown in for good measure. I’ve yet to find the Zara in Brighton but a quick trip to google maps will sort that out.

You know what else I’ve realised? Zara is like Chloe’s stylish little high-street sister (and they both have people names…spooky!). Believe me, if I had the cash, I’d be a Chloe girl. As I was flicking through Zara’s relatively new online store, I had this feeling like I recognised something. It took me a while but eventually it dawned on me that Zara really is my affordable solution to achieving my “Chloe-girl dream”. It’s not QUITE girly enough to also fulfil my secret suspicion that I’m somewhat of a “Stella McCartney-girl” too but hey, I can always hope a new high-street shop will come along soon.

So without further ado, here are a few of the pieces online at the moment that I’m lusting over.


Faux-fur Coat £69.99 (I checked it was definitely faux)

Get into my wardrobe you cheeky little coat. You tempt me with your furry ways and promises of protection against harsh Brighton sea-front weather.







Shirt-dress with Printed Skirt £35.99

I don’t know why but the Beauty and the Beast song started playing in my head when I spotted this. FRACK knows why… it looks nothing like Belle’s ball-gown. Oh, I’m an odd child.







Cargo Trousers with Zips £39.99

Hello, sexies. You would look ridiculous on my little legs but I want you, if only to admire you from afar in my wardrobe. *sigh*









Tee Shirt with Embroidered Strip £19.99

Oh you poor little lovely, I fear that less seasoned shoppers than I overlook you because of your plain-ness. Perhaps you are cast aside in favour of more “jazzy” pieces? Never fear, for I have a thing for intricate tees and that is why you will come home with me.








Moccasin with Tassels £39.99

I do declare, zee most perfect little shoe. I could have chosen an array of boots that would have been far more practical with encroaching winter weather but you know me: if there’s an unsuitable alternative, I’ll take it.






I should be worried that I “talk” to clothes like I’m trying to seduce a reluctant older man, right? I have a feeling a psychotherapist will be analysing these posts one day…



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