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What I Thought Of… Clinique Superdefense SPF 25 Age Defense Moisturiser

Phewf, what a moutful! Also, is ‘defense’ the American spelling of ‘defence’? The English Language student within wants to correct it so badly…



Packaging: Very cool and slick, feels kinda space-age with the chrome-esque lid… just me?

Quality: I’ve completely fallen in love with this moisturiser and have used it religiously for months. Don’t think just because something’s ‘anti-ageing’ that you can’t use it on youthful skin too, it can’t hurt to get a head start now can it? Really lovely consistency, and absorbs into the skin very quickly so you don’t have that annoying stickiness after application that some moisturisers can give. The smell is so-so, perhaps a bit too ‘mediciney’ for my liking but I know loads of people love it so I guess it’s just personal preference. I got the dry combination version so go for whichever suits your skin type, it certainly hasn’t over-saturated my skin so seems pretty true to form.

Longevity: Most moisturisers are pretty rubbish at keeping my combination skin the right side of glowing.  They either completely overload it, leaving it oily, or they work for a few hours and then leave me with dry skin again on my cheeks and nose. This product is different in that it really does keep the skin soft and supple all day with no additional oilyness… perfect! The added bonus of SPF 25 is great too, I’m pleased to see more and more skincare brands making this a component in their products as you can never be too wary of the sun!

Price: It’s a bit of purse squeezer (did I just make that up?) at the eye-watering £37 for a 50ml tub. Interestingly, on the Clinique website you can get 30ml tubs for £20 but only in the dry combination type. I’m not too sure why this is. Bottom line, while it IS a brilliant product, I recommend putting this on the Christmas list or saving it for a pay day splurge. £37 for moisturiser is a little extravagant, although you really do get what you pay for with Clinique.



Have any of you guys tried this before? Think the price doesn’t match the product? Let me know in the comments below!


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