What I Thought Of… Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation

Welcome to my new little feature! Essentially this is all about beauty so if you’re looking for a quick review of a whole plethora of products, you can find it here. Let’s crack on shall we?

Packaging: Spot on. So pleased more foundations are utilising the special pump thingy that means all the product is sort of scraped upwards and nothing is wasted (ever so eloquent there, Lesley). It’s sleek, simple and aesthetically pleasing. I love  clean, neat, fuss-free packing. *OCD alert*

Quality: I was very pleased with it actually. It really freshened up my skin and made it look pleasantly dewy without being overly oily. Coverage is medium to full, I’d say. Was particularly good at hiding the pigmentation I have around my nose and on my cheeks. Consistency was perhaps a little too runny; it did result in me pumping too much product out on occasion and it having to  be wiped away. I hate wastage 😦

Longevity: Fantastic. Survived long, full days at uni and would only need to be touched up if I was going out after a particularly gruelling shift at work. Seems to have pretty brilliant staying power.

Price: We all know Benefit is a little pricey and at £24.50, it might be worth getting a free sample before you commit to buying. I still would highly recommend though and I will be repurchasing once I’ve been paid. (Friday 26th could not come sooner!)


So what do you guys think?  Have you used this foundation before or are you considering it? Let me know in the comments below!


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