Monday Bargain-Fest: Ashley Olsen!

Yeah, yeah it’s Tuesday… hush up!

(FYI: Ashley is on the right… but you totally knew that)

Oh, Miss Ashley. Mary-Kate may be the more “popular” twin, but I will forever love you for your timeless elegance, button nose and IRRESISTIBLE style. Right, enough of the love lament, on with the clothes!




Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen by xljx ❤ featuring shoes

Fab Concealed Platform Shoe – Priceless Shoes
15 GBP –
Shoes »

Et voila! I know the trousers aren’t strictly the right colour but Herringbone-wise it’s all there. Also, I searched high and low for an acid orange clutch to no avail, if anyone finds one let me know! I’m not a MASSIVE fan of the cross pendant I found but all the suitable gold options available were extremely expensive (again, let me know if you find an affordable one).

Anyways, here’s a look Miss Ashley herself would be proud of, hope you liked!




(grr can’t seem to change this font when I insert from polyvore… any techies fancy helping?)



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3 responses to “Monday Bargain-Fest: Ashley Olsen!

  1. Ooh, very good! Nice finds. Gotta love them twins! x


  2. Oh, I love MK & A. I actually don’t think I can choose between the two twins, somedays I feel more MK, other days I feel more A. They’re both gorgeous (well, duh… they’re twins, I suppose), and both have amazing style.



  3. I’ve only just found your blog- but I love that you cater for lazy ppl like moi and do all the work for me!

    I love Ashley’s style, looking up the pants and bag now!


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