Guilty Pleasures

Christmas is nearly upon us and it’s definitely a time for self indulgence and doing naughty things (ooer). With that in mind, I’ve decided to make a guilty pleasures list encompassing a variety of subject areas. Sounds comprehensive but believe me it isn’t, I’m just too tired to blog about blinking pre-xmas sales and battle with wordpress’ ludicrous picture inserting system… woyoyoy it’s a hard life right?

Get on with it! (I hear you cry)…

Music – I’m an indie kid through and through but in my youth, i.e. from the age of 13-16, I was massively into old school hip-hop and rnb. Nowadays I tend to *secretly* bop to poppy, badly-written, generic rubbish. Safe to say if these songs came on at the Plug (Sheffield’s scuzziest clubbing establishment) I would be OUT on that dancefloor…

  • Dj got us falling in love again – Usher/Pitbull
  • Sexy bitch – Akon/David Guetta
  • Dynamite – Taio Cruz
  • Commander – Kelly Rowland

Food – I TRY to stick to a fairly balanced diet (hey, Supernoodles can be included in this) but I have a few little snackettes I can’t resist…

  • Philadelphia on toast with salsa
  • Nutella and strawberry toasties
  • Chinese chicken pizza
  • Bacon Supernoodles (oh god I could literally eat packets and packets of these)

Places – the cliched places that everyone lurves but are still fairly groovy…

  • Topshop (could spend hours and hours wandering around, annoying the sales assistants with questions)
  • Oxford Street
  • Brighton beach (who needs annoying sand when you have pretty pebbles that you can collect/make pebble angels in?)
  • My bed (duh)

Things to do when bored – hope it’s not just me who does these fairly guilty and POINTLESS things when boredom strikes…

  • Facebook stalk (come ON… it can’t just be me who checks his wall constantly and gets ridiculously excited/guilty when he pops up on chat EXACTLY at the moment when you’re flicking through his tagged photos??)
  • Buy stuff on ebay (I didn’t NEED the jewel-encrusted owl cocktail ring but I WANTED it)
  • Make interesting sandwich concoctions (peanut butter, nutella and smarties, anyone?)
  • Perfect Rihanna’s Jamaican accent in “What’s My Name” and “Cheers (Drink to That)”… truly is just me that does this I think. I literally sat for about an hour yesterday crooning “heyy boyy I rilly wanna see if you cahn gooh down town wid a gyal like me” (rudimentary phonetic transcription there).

Aaaanyways I feel I have embarrassed myself enough now. Time to finish watching SATC and get excited that it’s Christmas eve tomorrow (today in fact!)

Do you do any of the things above (if you do the Rihanna thing I swear to god you’ll get a mention in the next post) or are there any other guilty pleasures you like to indulge in?


p.s. In case you havenae worked it out already, I have twitter! Get following here. I tweet on a regular basis about the little goings on I encounter and such 🙂

p.p.s. Would be lovely to know who reads on a regular basis (if there is anyone) so if you like, follow me on bloglovin’ or comment, I promise I’ll write back! I’m in the process of working out how to put in an RSS Feed so people can follow on google reader. I’m not the most technologically capable so if anyone knows how to do that and also how to see how many followers I have on there that would be splendiferous! 🙂


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