P-PCAA (Peter-Pan Collar Addicts Anonymous)

Don’t think that acronym is going to catch on…

Regardless of this, I feel like I need to share my dirty secret. *deep breaths* My name is Lesley-Jane and I am a Peter-Pan Collar Addict. There, that wasn’t so hard.

Seriously though, it’s becoming a bit ridiculous. No matter what it is, if it has a P-PC (do I NEED to explain?) then I will happily fall in love with it.

In lieu of this, here are my top 10 high-street P-PC purchases. I realise this is a tad excessive but please, I can’t choose just 5!!

We’ll kick off with a few of the best Topshop offerings (they too share my addiction and seem to be making sure EVERYTHING has a P-PC):

Click the pictures for linkage ūüôā

(apologies for weird sizing issues… WHAT is up with ¬† ¬† ¬†inserting pictures atm??)










Onto New Look, a fashion retailer that have REALLY upped their game recently. I used to be¬†disheartened with the stuff they produced, reserving that shop in my mind as a kind of haven for all things pre-teen and ill-fitting.¬†Anyway, POINT IS…they have a few lovely pieces in right now so you should¬†definitely¬†go and have a look:








Lily recently featured this blouse in an outfit post and it looks gorgeous on!



Next up: River Island! Another shop that wavers¬†in quality of style and design. I don’t know, River Island and I have an odd relationship but when they get it right, BOY do they get it right:

Oh bugger off, size issues!!!













Warehouse next, don’t really peruse their site or shop much. Fairly bland pieces whenever I do but I am fond of this P-PC attempt:






And last but not least (drum roll please)… Urban Outfitters!! Man I love this shop, too bad the prices are fairly out of my reach (unless I REALLY abuse my student loan). I’ll leave you with two of their fantastic and totally wearable P-PC pieces:











So there you have it, P-PC porn in all¬†its beauty.¬†Apologies for weird sizing, I’m FAR too tired to sort it out.

Lesley-Jane x

Which P-PC items are you loving right now and do you ever think the term “P-PC” will catch on?!?!?


p.s. Some of the pictures aren’t linking to the sites properly (don’t know why). If you want to know where they’re from, just go to the shop website and type in peter-pan collar into the search bar… should be able to find the item and other such beauties pretty easily that way. Apologies for WordPress’s general rubbishness today ūüė¶ xxx



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2 responses to “P-PCAA (Peter-Pan Collar Addicts Anonymous)

  1. i really love all the peter pan collars that are around right now xxxx


  2. Couldn’t agree more!
    I’m so totally obssesed with them. They’re my number one trend of 2010 see –
    I love the title of this post haha.
    Helen, X


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