Xmas lust list (i.e. stuffs I want from Topshop)

Bonjour all!

Christmas has arrived at East Slope; the baubles are up, the tinsel is out and the (stolen) christmas tree is propped up against the fridge. Now, when I say stolen, I mean… well I didn’t want to ask as to the origin of the tree actually. It’s best to just nod and smile.

In an attempt to procrastinate productively (oxymoron?) I decided to have a bit of a snoop on the Topshop website in order to get inspiration for future purchases with christmas money (that no doubt my parents are expecting I will spend on food and new textbooks). Mummy dearest has said she’ll get me a Topshop card for chrimboli though so perhaps I wont feel TOO guilty next time I drool over any of the lovelies from above.

I don’t know why polyvore insists on listing items in a mixture of dollars and pounds? They do say variety is the spice of life…

I was going to do a little Mac lust-list too but once again polyvore is playing silly buggers and inverts the colour scheme whenever I attempt to clip pictures. Never mind. Will try to sort this at a later date.

I’m really determined to de-clutter my wardrobe this christmas to make way for new pieces and just generally streamline my look a little more. I still wear things I bought years ago that I probably wouldn’t choose had I my time again (ooo I sound like Yoda). When I do I’ll be putting a lot of stuff on e-bay soooo watch out for linkage, lovelies 🙂

I also really want to start doing outfit posts. My photographer friend Julia has a great camera so I may bribe her into being my snapper (a Starbucks Mint Latte and some Bourbons should do the trick). In the long-run I do want to get my own camera and do it myself.

Lots of exciting plans for 2011 regarding my life, wardrobe and look. Can’t wait for things to get going! Now to tackle that massive pile of Italian verb conjugations… :S

Lesley-Jane x


ooo, little side-note, I had my friend Rachel to come and visit Brightonia this weekend which resulted in a massive photobooth sesh with Julia too.

Obligatory selection of snaps…











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2 responses to “Xmas lust list (i.e. stuffs I want from Topshop)

  1. i want everything on your list too xxx


  2. It’s a shame Topshop is so pricey on a student budget! Ah well we can dream! 🙂 xxx


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