Brighton… falalaaa Brighton

Never been in love with a city (or is it a town?? hmm) as much as this before.

More coherent posts soon.

I can’t properly concentrate on typing… I’m listening to this:

Bit a’ old school Laura Marling… as much as I despise the phrase “old school” when it refers to anything other than pre- 1995 hip-hop by NWA, Biggie Smalls or Sugarhill Gang.

On a more fashion-related note, I recently purchased this dress from Topshop:

Most fricking disgusting thing I’ve ever tried on. It’s one of those dresses that instantly makes you want to retreat into a ball, surviving on nothing but lettuce leaves and not emerge until you’re a beautiful SKINNY butterfly. Pah. Bloody Topshop. Every so often I try something on from there that makes aaaaaall the silly rubbish come back again. Ah well, it’s just a dress… and I’m enjoying Supernoodles and chips on the beach in Brighton too much to worry any more.

Once again, can I just BE Ashley Olsen?

PROPER posts will appear when I get my head around the fact that I’m finally living in the place I fell in love with.



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