A VERY large apology

I’m sorry readers… I’m really, really, REALLY sorry (are you getting the sorryness yet?)

I think it’s been about a month and a halfish since I last posted… well… anything. What am I? Lazy (yes), busy (ish… so yes), generally unmotivated (definitely).

By way of an explanation, I’m moving to the fabulous city of Brighton in a mere two weeks to embark on an English Language degree at the University of Sussex. Therefore, my time has been taken up with setting up student bank accounts, sorting out all sorts of funding/accommodation conundrums and partying like there’s no tomorrow with friends I’ll be leaving soon *sob*.

I really hope to blog more once I’m there and settled in. If I’m not mistaken, there’s actually a competition where you have to blog about your Fresher’s Week experience so I’m all over that (“all over that”? really??). PLUS, everyone knows that Brighton is a groovy fashion hotspot so I’ll no doubt be carrying on my street-style feature “darrn sarrf”.

In short, the next two weeks will see sporadic posts, perhaps not ALL fashion-related. I am feeling fairly inspired atm though (lying in an insipidus manner in bed with female man-flu) so expect a polyvore gluttony or perhaps a fashion lust-list appearing in the next few hours.

Once again, apologies dudes. Even though I still don’t think I have “dudes” yet. Probably because I never blog. What a delicious irony… maybe. Shush, Lesley.



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