Lady Look

Groovy title? Mais oui! Sadly I didn’t come up with it, my lovely photographer from today’s feature did. She’s a clever’un, she really is!

So, the first of my eargerly awaited (hah!) street style posts from the lovely streets of Sheffield. We don’t do things by half oop North… The Full Monty should have taught you that.

So without further ado, here’s our first ever “street styl-ee”….

You can always count on Sheffield to rain!! This lovely lady is still looking great though. It was photographer Julia who spotted this one but I really love the simplicity of her outfit. Keeping more interesting pieces (like the trousers) in a neutral colour keeps the look from becoming too over-whelming. I also love the cut and colour of the waistcoat, again this colour palette really helps to bring out a tan!

I love this guy’s hair!! On the fashion side of things, it’s interesting to note that by adding something like a parka/raincoat to an outfit it can really lift it into something out of the ordinary. I think it might just be the khaki colour but it really puts me in a festival mood!

Aaahh this girl knows her colours, it’s such a happy outfit! I like how we see a hint of yellow in the floral tights which is then repeated in the yellow of her headscarf. The bag is fantastic, fringing=hot.

I have a sneaking suspicion that these 2 guys are in a band that I know of… didn’t want to say that at the time of course in case I looked like a crazy chick (hey, I DID charge at them frantically with a notebook and pen and a girl weilding a large camera behind me!). Pretty sure it’s The Nineowells (google to find their myspace). Anyways, as they are your a-typical indie-rock-dudes, their style matches accordingly. Skinny jeans, dishevelled tees,  knitted cardis and crazy hair… pretty much the fashion norm in Sheffers and we love it!

Now this last one is a bit of a shameless plug as opposed to anything fashion-related. This dude is Jason Quainoo. He, like us, was stopping passers-by, not to harrass them for a photo while telling them how much he liked their shoes/bag/dress, but to promote his new EP. It was actually one of his friends who approached us but, being the difficult girls that we are, Julia and I asked for a chat with the real thing. Cue a rather lovely acoustic rendition of a Boys2Men classic from Mr Quainoo. I have to say, this guy is an amazing singer and he was sweet enough to pose for a photo (can’t you just tell from his expression that he loved us?) so do go and have a look at his youtube page which has all of the tracks from his promo EP on:

Well, there we go. First ever street-style post done! I might mess about with the ordering/layout of this feature in the future but for now I’m pretty satisfied. Big thanks to all the fantastic people of Sheffield that didn’t mind me eyeing them up and then leaping on them (wow, Perverts ‘R’ Us) and Julia snapping away with her camera. 🙂

Who knows, it might be you next week!



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