Monday Bargain-Fest…Alexa Chung!

On time this week (if a tad late in the day)… here we go!

I love Alexa Chung, you love Alexa Chung, we all bloody love Alexa Chung. You think fashion, you think Alexa. She has a fluffing Mulberry bag named after her. She. Is. Hot.

Enough of the disjointed sentences.

Now, because Miss Chung is “fashi0n” with a capital F, TONS of bloggers have tried to recreate her look… resulting in a few of Alexa’s outfits being boringly recycled again and again. This is no disrespect (blad) to the bloggers, she’s just too highly sought after. With this in mind, I tried to choose a look I hadn’t seen being regurgitated before.

Et voila!

Nothing ground-breaking here. Just a clean-cut, fresh look. (I LOVE shirts tucked into skinnies…LOVE)

So, let’s recreate zis masterpiece, non?

Total Outfit Cost: £73

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung by xljx ❤ on

Shirt –, £28. Skinny, £12., £20., £10., £3.

Okay, okay, I KNOW the shoes aren’t exactly the same but it was really chuffing hard to find ones alike. They have buckles, they’re fairly cheap, gimme a break!!! 😛 Also, apologies for the fairly expensive shirt. I really did search high and low for a cheaper alternative (let me know if you find one). I mean, I adore Topshop as much as the next girl and most of my wardrobe is from there but I know it’s pricy and this feature is meant to champion inexpensive pieces. Once again, Peacocks have come up trumps with their jeans. Fabulous prices, fabulous quality. The jewellery is a beut too! Want this outfit again… as per!

Alexa Chung: she may be stateside right now, but she’s as English as The Queen’s Nose and poorly imagined reality tv shows.


p.s. (is that acceptable for a blog??) BUGGER its 12:33 am… it’s technically Tuesday… which means I’m officially late for this feature again. Damn my tardiness!!



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2 responses to “Monday Bargain-Fest…Alexa Chung!

  1. Ooo I likey! I may have to nab this look for myself… though I have a feeling it will come out less “Alexa” and more “Alexa has a funny turn/starts dressing like a homeless person” 🙂



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