What’s this? ANOTHER new feature??

Blog overload! *ALERT* (geeky chortles)
So we have Mondays all covered – let’s forget about today’s Wednesday debacle, ay? – but I see a new feature on the horizon. AHOYYY.
Starting every Thursday from next Thursday i.e. 8 days from now, I will be your very own Sartorialist…if he happened to roam the streets of Sheffield, not the much more fashion conscious world capitals, that is.
In a nutshell, myself and my glamorous photographer, Julia, are going to be set loose (in a kind of “mental person escaping from asylum” sense) around Steel City in search of fashionistas worthy of appearing on this lil’ ol’ thang!
Note to self: must photograph the stylish laydeez too… must not use as excuse to take pictures of hot dudes for sake of ‘fashion’… CRAP they might see this bit. Ahh well… hello boys 😉


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2 responses to “What’s this? ANOTHER new feature??

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  2. Julia

    Oh Lesley, you little mince pie, you.


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