Monday Bargain-Fest *cough cough*… Whitney Port!

Okay, okay. It’s Wednesday, not Monday. So sue me! Oh hang on, don’t, I have no money…

I’m so sorry. I have an excuse for why this feature is late on its SECOND week. No, no I don’t. I was busy buying clothes that I shouldn’t have. Sales are still on etc etc…. (incidentally, nothing I bought was actually in the sale but we won’t quibble over technicalities).

The important thing is I’m doing it now. Come on, don’t give me that look, it’s a good one this week!

The inspiration for this gem of an affordable outfit came from my weekly viewing of MTV’s The City. While fashion dahhlings love Olivia Palermo for her graceful elegance and stylish poise, my girl crush is on the much more affable Whitney Port. She’s beautiful, modest and nowhere near as conniving as Olivia. We all know personal style speaks volumes about a girl (or guy) and Whitney’s sleek but (super stylish) girl-next-door appearance is the perfect choice for all us budding fashionistas to aspire to.

Ahh chic even in a down-pour. This is the look we’re working towards today…

Total Outfit Cost: £71.50

Whitney Port

Whitney Port by xljx ❤ on

Tadaaaah!, £, £8Skinny, £15.
Boots, £17., £, £3.75, £4., £2.75.

So, a tad bit pricier than last week’s but for so many items, it’s still fairly commendable. I cheated a bit with the embellished jumper as I couldn’t find one for under £60 anywhere!! Layering a statement/bib necklace over the top really does the trick for when the bank balance is a little low though 😉 It was pretty hard to see Whitney’s jewellery in the photo so I went with my gut instinct on those pieces. Admittedly, on their own the bangles, bracelet and ring may seem a little… *ahem*… ghetto; but I feel that juxtaposing the different metallic shades sets off the more neutral palette of the jumper and jeans. I’m tempted to purchase this outfit actually… NO, Lesley, resist!

There you have it, Whitney when she’s low on the dough (fo’ sho’).
Pah, Olivia Palermo, take your overpriced silks and sour expressions and hot-foot it back to Spoilt Land!



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