The first ever Monday Bargain-Fest – Kristen Stewart on a shoe string *gasp*

Ooo this is exciting isn’t it? YES. Right, let’s crack on.

Recently, I saw the new Twilight film. Before you all (I don’t think I have any “you”s yet but hey) start going crazy, screaming, pulling out hair etc, I am NOT, repeat NOT a Twilight fan. Nor do I hate it, mind you, I’m just indifferent I suppose. Anyway, the one thing that really stood out is how much they’ve tried to “pretty-fy” Bella since the previous two films. I couldn’t help but noticing that her lashes were a hell of a lot more luscious and fluttery and her hair seemed to be perfectly curled in a kind of “I haven’t really tried (lol jk I was in front of the mirror for 5 hours)” kind of way.

What they have kept a constant, however, is Bella’s (emulating Kristen Stewart’s) wonderfully relaxed style. I mean, Kristen Stewart is beautiful anyway and I’m pretty sure she’d look hot in a Netto bag, but there’s something about the way that she’s never seen without her skinny jeans, battered converse and loosely fitted tees that makes me want to try and look effortlessly “hot-caj” all the time too. My friend, Julia, knows how to work this look to a tee. She looks very similar to Kristen too and has that same way of making her entire outfit appear chilled-out but never sloppy. Needless to say, I’m very jealous.

So, without further ado, I have scoured the online high-street (some kind of oxymoron?) in search of the perfect “Kristen Stewart on a shoe-string” look. Enjoy.

Cropped tee, £15

What I love about this is that the shorts would work perfectly too, if it was a hot day. However, we’re going for classic Kristen so just focus on the plain grey, slightly cropped tee. Nothing too loud or crowded but the delicate lace detail keeps it subtly feminine.

Skinny jeans, £7, were £12!!!

Aggh! Amazing bargain. I’m aware that pairing a grey marl top with grey-ish jeans might wash people out a little so if you’re worried of that then I’d say go for black skinnies (Peacock’s again have a great range). I just thought these were a fab price and really showcase classic Kristen style.

Canvas pumps, £6.99, were £14.99

Ooo I do love a sale! These are a perfect substitute for the Converse that Kristen has superglued to those movie-star tootsies. White pumps like these will go with EVERYTHING. Economical!

Jewel bangle, £3, was £8

Admittedly a tad flashy. If you want full-on Kristen I would opt for finding an old piece of thin leather or chopping the little ribbony bits you get inside clothes off and tyeing it round your wrist. This just seemed suitably brooding but still pretty enough to lift the outfit.

Total outfit cost: £31.99

Hopefully this new feature is fairly readable. I think under £35 is a great price for a whole outfit too and I’m pretty sure you could find a top for far cheaper than £15, I just couldn’t resist the one!!

Now off you go, you Kristen Stewart-a-likes. Just do me a favour, don’t find a dude that has a bit of a penchant for drinking your blood, yeah?




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2 responses to “The first ever Monday Bargain-Fest – Kristen Stewart on a shoe string *gasp*

  1. Nice Finds! I am impressed by your bargain hunting skills – never been on MandM before…I can see it becoming an absolute favourite 😀

    You could do a styling feature as well where people can send in their “hard to style” items (formspring – woo!) and you could jazz them up and tell us what the devil we can wear with those bizarre coloured floral trousers that we just *couldn’t* live without….or to start with…my really really pale grey skinnies [bordering on white] that always wash me out.
    Love 🙂 xxx


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