New feature alert!!!

In an attempt to make this blog take SOME kind of form… I hath decided (the “hath” making it more official) that a feature must be undertaken.

I wanted something snappy, identifiable, fairly amusing blah blah blah and drew inspiration from the eagerness I felt at waiting for a new “Don’t Showcha Your Chocha” every week from Winona’s AMAZING Daddy Likey blog. Man, that feature has pazazz.

So anyways, I am an uuber fashion-fiend extraordinaire. I’m serious. I once paid £8.50 for a new pair of tights on a whim – because the floral number I was wearing didn’t look perfect – and ended up changing into them on the top of a double-decker bus that was careering down the windy streets of Brighton. I’ve lost track again, haven’t I? Yes. The point is, I wanted a feature that meant I could combine my love of fashion with my current bank account status that really typifies student life: SKINT.

And thus…. Monday Bargain-Fest was born. Basically, Mondays are poop and all you want to do is crawl under a rock until Friday. What better way to beat this than with some lavly outfits pulled together by yours truly (created from a theme of my choosing) that won’t break the bank aswell! Perfecto, I hear you cry.

So from now on, Mondays=Bargains at Youthful Meanders. I, for one, am very excited 🙂



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