Hello world!

I quite like the default title of this post so I’ll keep it I think. In a nutshell: hi!

This post will pretty much be in the same vain as the “About” section which is currently quite disastrous. I really don’t want to bore you though so I’ll “cut to the chase”… as they say in those Wall Street-esque movies of the 80’s.

As an almost-18 year old, there are a lot of things happening and going on around me that often inspires me to take to the old keys (you know, of a laptop keyboard) in the style of a less-groomed Carrie Bradshaw and vent, or perhaps more eloquently, narrate the events that unfold. It seems to me that while the older generation famously berate the younger for “wasting their youth”, that I’m keen to comment on it. I really do like to take apart what it is that makes life the way it is. I suppose I’m a bit of a modern-day Socrates or some such (obviously a very large over-statement… I’m pretty sure Socrates didn’t ponder such questions as “What makes Topshop so damn good?”).

Anyway, until this blog takes any kind of real direction or form, I’ll mostly be commenting on daily things that interest me. All the successful blogs seems to have a direction or theme so that they can draw a collectivised readership. It’s safe to say mine doesn’t have that yet so for now, it’s rambles a-go-go!

Welcome to my chaotic mind 😉




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2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. As someone who is well old enough to be your grandfather I just called by as we seem to be starting blogging at wordpress on the same day. Best of luck with yours!


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